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*Rescan in 1 week*

At some point during the last week this became less of a date on my calendar and more of something trying to demand my attention. Whether I allow it to have my attention is mostly up to me but there have been a few moments where the ‘what if’ has taken hold. I have childrenContinue reading “*Rescan in 1 week*”

Day 50 ~ getting better

Healing. Getting better. Improving. Small increments. Forward moving. Headed in the right direction. Finally, when I look backwards I can identify when it was ‘the worst’. This is powerful because I can clearly identify that this time period is in the past and behind me. This was around a week and half- two weeks ago.Continue reading “Day 50 ~ getting better”

Day #- sometime after treatment has ended and two hospital stays have been endured…

Update. After a 2nd unplanned hospital stay for Neutropenic fever and infection, I’m happy to report my levels are mostly back to normal and I’ve been home for days getting back to healing! Weaning off pain meds and taking good care of rest and nutrition will be my new goals. I only expect to continueContinue reading “Day #- sometime after treatment has ended and two hospital stays have been endured…”

Day 39

This is the ceiling above the radiation machine. I’ve looked at this same ceiling every day for 6+ weeks. There’s some pretty light inlays for viewing pleasure, a laser to measure your body, a sprinkler system in case of fire, and a triangle shaped chip where paint is missing just next to the sprinkler head.Continue reading “Day 39”

Day # 🤷‍♀️

I’ve gone inward. This is hard. Last Friday was the last day of chemo and it should have felt as much a celebration as it sounded but it just wasn’t. I didn’t feel well. The weekend was exhausting. We ended up calling the doctors Sunday about pain and got something ‘extra’ til we could getContinue reading “Day # 🤷‍♀️”

Day # who cares! Chemo done.

That’s right. I’m pump free. Chemo is finished, forever! Thank you mitomycin and 5 FU for your service. Also, good bye week 5. You were rough and I’m happy you are done. Here’s to a weekend of rest then on to the final week of radiation then weeks of healing and follow up 😍


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