6/17/21 Fissure (n.) a pain in the…

Long overdue update! I worked out, I went camping, I was feeling slow but good and then a new pain started. A trip back to the colorectal doc revealed the culprit. A fissure. If you don’t know what a fissure is, count your lucky stars! Grip the wall, grit your teeth, let the tears fall,Continue reading “6/17/21 Fissure (n.) a pain in the…”

5/19/21 (switching to date vs. # of days in treatment)

Healing healing healing. It was much slower than I was prepared for but it’s happening. Everyday I seem to have more energy and am able to do more. Weaned off morphine too which is great! Still resting/napping during the day and have Oxy but not for long I’m certain. Also, for the first time inContinue reading “5/19/21 (switching to date vs. # of days in treatment)”

Day 57 I think- slower than I’d like. (graphic talk)

Won’t lie. I assumed this part of the journey would fly by. Easy peasy. I will say one big switch has occurred… after a Saturday & Sunday off and then I go back in on a Monday I would move the sheet to show the doctors and they literally gasp in astonishment at how wellContinue reading “Day 57 I think- slower than I’d like. (graphic talk)”

Day #- sometime after treatment has ended and two hospital stays have been endured…

Update. After a 2nd unplanned hospital stay for Neutropenic fever and infection, I’m happy to report my levels are mostly back to normal and I’ve been home for days getting back to healing! Weaning off pain meds and taking good care of rest and nutrition will be my new goals. I only expect to continueContinue reading “Day #- sometime after treatment has ended and two hospital stays have been endured…”