Day 57 I think- slower than I’d like. (graphic talk)

Won’t lie. I assumed this part of the journey would fly by. Easy peasy. I will say one big switch has occurred… after a Saturday & Sunday off and then I go back in on a Monday I would move the sheet to show the doctors and they literally gasp in astonishment at how well the area in question looks. It’s just rather bizarre. ‘Oh this is wonderful!’ ‘ Megan it’s really amazing how great it is!’ I casually turn my head to Gregg who is sitting near my head and whisper ‘I guess that’s exactly what a person wants to hear when you show your crotch to a room full of people 🤷‍♀️. Just bizarre. Gregg rolls his eyes at me. What they mean of course is that what was once horrifying 3rd degree charred burns is now healthy beautiful new baby skin. This is where the stalled time line comes in to play… I assumed it would all heal at the same time and then I’d get better every day. I didn’t anticipate the areas that took the bulk of the treatment (where the tumor was) to still be tender and not healed. Everything seems to be in my rear view mirror except these areas. And I’m pretty impatient. I eat protein and hydrate to make new skin so what’s the hold up? I have so much I want to get back to doing. There’s grocery shopping, working out, camping, running, visiting people, and curing the world of HPV! Yeah remember we have that big job to tackle soon! On top of this stalled healing I now get to wean off morphine. This is good and I am ready but it leaves me fidgety, craving constant movement, and occasionally turns me into an apologetic fire breathing dragon. I do have Oxy to keep me company but so far I am happy to report I am sleeping beautifully. This is pretty huge because sleep is everything!!! I still do a fair amount of resting and sleeping during the day. They assure me this is normal even 2 weeks after treatment because my body is still hard at work and my labs are still just under ‘normal’.

At my doctor appt today I got emotional expressing my impatient desire to just be done already. Normal. Standard stuff. The good news- I don’t go back until Friday! I am confident and ready to take care of skin care myself til then and this should help with my impatience! Next time I go in I will be so much better and I’ll get more of those fun reactions that I find so hilarious. (Don’t worry! I can call and go in any day I need to) my apologies for so much time between blog posts… keep up the good work tribe.

Published by mhaensgen

Welcome to my tribe. I was diagnosed with anal cancer 2/23/21, then found out it was caused by HPV. This is the journey.

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