Day 16- Tramadol in the house.

Reading the Tramadol scrip info

So tired. No sleep last night. 2 nights in a row people :/. I tried almost every bed in the house. Sleep app, white noise, etc. shooting pains I think from nerves is too great and sporadic to relax. Back in the bath at 2am. I think I could sleep in the bath, but I think better of it. I know I slept from 4-8am for sure. Gregg checked me at 3 and said I was asleep so 🤷‍♀️ Went in for my 6mins and then skin care. Explained to the nurse my painful nerves and she called them ‘zingers’. I think they are like lightening bolts. Sharp swords trying to escape. No rhythm no pattern and no relief 😞 Started skin care and Dr E came in as well as one of the other female docs from yesterday to check me. I say I’m exhausted. I need to sleep. Enter Tramadol. I’d say one of my greatest fears is pain. I don’t like seeing it and I fear experiencing it. And even more, I fear being in pain that cannot be controlled. (Technically I’m already here but this pain isn’t constant but shooting so I talk myself out of taking heavy stuff) I rarely take Tylenol/Advil. If I need them I want them to work. But I agree this warrior needs rest to rejuvenate or my sword is too heavy to pick up the next day. Too heavy. I agree to Tramadol for now with an option to try something different later to help control the nerves. They finish up my skin care and turn down the lights and let me rest while the skin products do their work. I am so comfortable and calm that I sleep. They apologize upon re-entry. The best 15mins though. So Tramadol, no pressure but I am counting on you. My tribe is counting on you.

Cute shirt & tired warrior face

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Welcome to my tribe. I was diagnosed with anal cancer 2/23/21, then found out it was caused by HPV. This is the journey.

2 thoughts on “Day 16- Tramadol in the house.

  1. So happy to see this and know your going to sleep tonight. You call them zingers…I called them mystery pains. Whatever they are they 100% suck. You are spot on…lightening bolts with a million watt charge. Rest well tonight my friend and as always my prayers are with you. ❤❤


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