Day 1

What a long day.

The day started with my post this morning about beating fate and becoming the storm. That was a hard post as a private person. But it was my day 1. I cried after that post. It was a release. We started at the lab to insert a needle/line into my port. I am allergic to Surgical glue which we already knew but after my port install my neck had an allergic reaction to something new. Maybe surgical wash or the draping? (Not at my direct port site thankfully) Lots of discussion about what to use but we got it done and it was just pressure pushing the needle in, no pain. Then on to see the oncologist, Dr Thomas- my favorite optimist. We got to see the PET scan finally and heard all the doctors had ‘conferenced’ about my care plan. I asked why I wasn’t invited. 🤣 also asked him to at least mention to the them next time that I’m funny and to represent me well. Nothing new on the PET scan other than a lymph node that cannot be confirmed as cancer or ruled out (via PET scan) so the plan is to treat it. Thankful Krissy was there today to do most of the technical talking and to advocate for me. Asking for prescriptions I might need vs. waiting until I would need them. Talking shop with the doc and then explaining it back to me. It was nice to deflect things straight to her. Next we had chemo education and learned all about the drugs Mitomycn & ‘5FU’ (the perfect cancer fighting drug name). Then straight to chemo! We got a pager like at a restaurant while the pharmacist custom mixed the chemo drugs just for me. 30mins later we were paged back and put in a room. Started with anti nausea meds and steroids then started the 15 min mitomycn infusion. Super fast! No reaction. I did think I would feel something. Feel better. Something. But nothing. Next I got hooked up to my new best friend of a pump that infuses my 96hr dose of ‘5FU’. Yes 96hrs! I’m hooked up until Friday thru a pump connected to my port. Good news- these chemo drugs are not on the horrible side for side effects. My hair may thin and not completely fall out. I know this was a question I got A LOT. (After Friday I will not have another chemo infusion until 3/30) Left chemo and walked over to radiation like a boss. Krissy hit the pharmacy for supplies (anti diarrhea & anti constipation meds cause you just never know how this will go down apparently). I wasn’t nervous about chemo infusion. I was nervous about radiation. Something powerful to me about being inside the machine that will nuke your cancer cells for 6mins every day for 6wks. I did not take this 6mins lightly. I used this time to visualize those cells meeting radiation and starting their own demise. Radiation is fractional treatment. Day 1 is only a fraction of the full dose. The last day of radiation is the full dose and it will continue to work for wks beyond that. I won’t be rescanned for a good chunk of time after treatment to give it adequate time to shrink my tumor completely and kill all cancer cells.y new pump and I stood up after radiation and asked if we could go home. I was done. Ready to be back at home. You’d think I’d be tired or exhausted etc but guess what? Steroids on board! We took a walk and that took care of extra energy. So in review the day was long but I feel great today. I feel like the work has begun. Well on our way to being cured and cancer free my tribe. (Pump makes noise. Hope it doesn’t keep me up)

Watching the chemo enter!

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Welcome to my tribe. I was diagnosed with anal cancer 2/23/21, then found out it was caused by HPV. This is the journey.

8 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. You are my hero. I know those cancer cells have already begun to die with today’s treatments. Stay strong…. but it’s ok to cry now and then too. Just remember that many, many people are praying and sending positive vibes your way. Thank you for keeping us updated on your journey to healing.

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  2. Megan, this made me cry! You’re truly one of the strongest people I know! Sending tons of love, hugs and prayers your way 🥰Gods right next to holding your hand and saying “we’re kicking cancers butt Megan, you and me together” love you girl!

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  3. You are truly an authentic and amazing person! The conversations that are taking place because of your journey are beyond what you can imagine. Thank you for sharing! And what an amazing first day, your thought process, and the steps, plan preparation and fight! Knowing that you have the best of care and are surrounded by your tribe near and far is comforting, thinking of you constantly, love you like crazy!

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  4. I thought about you all day. Attitude is everything and you are that roaring lion(ess).
    I’m so grateful for our wonderful Krissy who is with you-she is your Judy-Penny. Love your support team and the love you receive from family and friends. You will always be my baby girl and my hero. 🥰


  5. Your blog is amazing and so informative. I watched your live presentation with Krissy and was so impressed. Cudo’s to you Megan for being courages enough to share your journey. I have been telling all of my friends about what I’m learning so they can pass it on to their children and grandchildren. You are truly a precious gift to others. I love you, Judy Penny

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